Craig Grant released from probation, immediately faces contempt of court charges

Jun 23 2014 Published by under News

One year ago, Craig Grant narrowly escaped criminal prosecution by accepting a plea deal. The resulting probation and deferred prosecution agreement were discharged on May 29th of this year, prompting cries of victory on the Ranch’s Facebook page.

Those claims of victory were premature.

The County Court has ordered Caboodle Ranch to appear before the judge and explain why they should not be punished for criminal contempt of court. In the hearing set for June 27, 2014, Caboodle Ranch will answer charges that they have intentionally violated the court’s 2012 injunction prohibiting them from possessing or having custody of animals.

The evidence submitted by the Sheriff includes the Ranch’s own pictures and Facebook posts showing cats currently on the property, fundraising pleas for cat food, and the Ranch’s 2012 tax return claiming expenditures for food and other cat-related expenses.

Caboodle Ranch has been launching desperate fundraisers on the promise that the Ranch is “back in business”. On June 27th, the court will step in once again to put an end to that boast.

Post made to Caboodle Ranch's Facebook page proclaiming they are 'back in business'.

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ASPCA Hotline

Mar 25 2012 Published by under News

The ASPCA has established a hotline for pet owners who relinquished their cats to Caboodle Ranch and would like information about the status of those cats.

Hotline: 866-816-4804

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