Exhibits and Testimony from the Caboodle Ranch Custody Hearing

May 18 2012

Caboodle Ranch trustee Elise Perkins has generously provided her notes on the testimony of Jamie Willoughby, Madison County Animal Control Officer.

As recounted in the notes, the sworn testimony contradicts previous statements by Nanette Entriken and Craig Grant on the Caboodle Ranch blog.

For example, the Caboodle Ranch blog states: “Caboodle Ranch was inspected by animal control every three months.” However, Jamie Willoughby’s testimony states that he had been to the Ranch only half a dozen times in the six to seven years he has been in contact with Caboodle Ranch, far less than the twenty or more visits Caboodle Ranch claims.

This is just one of many contradictions between the sworn testimony in court and the story Caboodle Ranch told its donors.

Further notes and the official transcripts will be posted as they become available.